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Industry shifts are redefining IT at all levels. On-premise IT consumption models are shifting to cloud-based services. IT as a service (IaaS) is supplanted by applications as a service. Separate development and operations are moving toward integrated development and operations (DevOps). Box-centric management models are migrating to application-centric management.

Business agility requires application agility, so IT teams need to provision applications in hours instead of months. Resources need to scale up (or down) in minutes, not hours.


Application Owners and Lines of Business

  • Dramatic reduction in time to service delivery (days to minutes)
  • On-demand scale-out and tear-down lead to more predictable application and IT spending better aligned to business activity
  • End-to-end application health score helps meet service level agreements (SLAs)

Server, Storage, and Virtualization Teams

  • Central deployment model accelerates network and security infrastructure configuration
  • Helps enable an any-workload, anywhere deployment model

Network Team

  • Automated network provisioning reduces overhead and errors, accelerates deployment, and allows application owners to self-service and scale
  • Automated remediation reduces overhead and promotes optimal network performance for all apps 24 hours daily. Visibility across physical and virtual infrastructures shortens MTTR.

Security Team

  • Automates security policy while allowing security teams to retain control over policies for compliance
  • Automated insertion of virtual security services simplifies app deployments

Cloud Team

  • ACI promotes consistency of policies and services for on-premise and cloud apps
  • No app dependencies on underlying infrastructure supports cloud-ready apps with minimal additional effort, making them easier to manage, deploy, and migrate

Moving from version to newer version will affect your infrastructure, processes, governance and users.  Migrating from legacy applications affects your operation business functions.  Let InfraScience's experience ensure a smooth transition for your organization.

Disaster Recovery:
Business Continuity Planning along with efficient Back-up / Restore operations affects your operational business and technical environment.  Let InfraScience's experience ensure an effective recovery strategy for your organization.

Ease of use and robust functionality has made Microsoft solutions standard business tools.  To help business and IT group manage the platform environments, InfraScience takes an inventory of sites and resources, assessing and monitoring access, disk usage, security backup and more.

Secure Collaboration:
Microsoft solutions open up collaboration across organizational boundaries, extending information sharing and productivity but increasing the need to diligently protect data integrity. InfraScience applies extensive knowledge of infrastructure functionality, as well as business policy and processes, to configure secure collaborative tools for all of your internaland external partners.InfraScience ensures the proper integration of other technology solutions such as Microsoft's Project Server or Microsoft's Team Foundation Services.

Archiving & Compliance:
Microsoft solutions allow you to specify security settings and storage policies, and the newest releases add even more extensive auditing policies and expiration actions for business records according to compliance regulations. InfraScience services help you effectively integrate these features throughout your infrastructure to ensure compliance and avoid fines and litigation.

Technology Integration Services:
InfraScience ensures the proper integration of Microsoft's technology solutions within your computing and development environment, including:  Web Applications and Application Tools, Development thru Implementation Environments, Application Lifecycle, Governance and Environment Management Services and Microsoft Office Services.

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