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Our qualified support staff is ready to provide help when needed. XcellHost provides wide range of customer support options, ticket based Helpdesk, 24/7 live chat and much more.

XcellHost knows that our customers take their web hosting seriously, and as such, expect quick, knowledgeable service from a team member that is familiar with their hosting needs and has immediate access to the physical location where their data is hosted. It is our personal mission to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to save the day quickly and thoroughly for our customers.

  • Help Desk

  • Live Chat

  • Tutorials

  • FAQ's

  • Dedicated Support Team
    Our expert group of technicians available 24 hours per day
  • Security Team
    Keeping your server and our network clear of security threats
  • Setup Team
    Custom building your servers around-the-clock
  • Migrations Team
    Migrating your data so you don not have to
  • Development Team
    Innovating new ideas for the products of tomorrow
  • Monitoring Team
    Providing peace of mind through proactive monitoring
  • Network Team
    Guaranteeing that your servers are online 24/7
  • System Restore Team
    Resurrecting your critical data in the event of a crash

Support Center Services

  • Backup
    We tailor a backup-and-recovery solution for your business that leverages the best backup and high-availability technologies in the industry with best practices methodologies
  • Database Strategy
    We work with your team to understand your current database implementation and outline performance expectations. It will help to architect the ideal database infrastructure.
  • Monitoring
    Your Managed Hosting team is the first line of defense for alerts and will design a detailed monitoring plan and escalation process.
  • Security
    We'll assess your needs and create the optimal security strategy for locking down your environment while providing flexibility for peak performance.

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