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XcellHost provides two approaches for implementing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution. Our Network service provides a rock solid VPN which supports any IPsec compliant device, including VPN smart phones. We also support OpenVPN, a reliable and robust SSL based VPN service. We offer these two options because together they cover nearly every VPN hosting need. We want to be your VPN provider and believe we have the best, competitively priced VPN services that you will find.

Hosted VPN services remove complexity and operational workload from companies with a need to provide remote access for staff and to link multiple locations together as a single wide area network. A Hosted VPN achieves this by delivering VPN as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution where the customer does not have to invest in the infrastructure or equipment and by providing on-demand tools for monitoring and managing VPN services. This is a tried and tested model for the delivery of other business applications with services such as salesforce.com providing on-demand CRM solutions without customers having to setup in-house servers and applications.

A secure VPN with SSL connection lets customers control servers remotely through a secure access point by providing a fast, reliable, encrypted tunnel through which secure access may be established. Once a remote user's computer is connected via SSL VPN, it becomes an extension of your hosting environment. For this reason, every VPN connection should be monitored with two-factor authentication to help ensure only authorized personnel can access and administer the secure cloud account.

Secure Administration from Anywhere

Because the need to remotely connect can happen anywhere at anytime, our secure VPN client can run on virtually any platform, including Windows, OS X, Linux, and Smart Phones.

  • Full port lockdown on all servers (besides 80/443 for web servers)
  • Administer your hosting environment with confidence while using untrusted networks
  • Granular access permissions for each user, ensuring only need-to-have access
  • Log a "paper trail" of all activities and IPs for connected users
  • Mobile access at no additional cost

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